David Wilson reviewed NMA fitness – 5 star
11 December at 21:10 · 
I know Larry personally, he is a highly skilled martial artist / Instructor who is dedicated to the study and teaching of martial arts and self-defence. Larry is also a valued member of our European Bushin Kenpo Martial Artist Academy, I strongly suggest that if you live in this area and are interested in getting fitter while learning to defend yourself, you pop along and give one or two of his classes a try.

David Wilson (Hanshi)
10th Dan Kempo Ju-Jitsu / Bushin Kenpo
Founder: European Bushin Kenpo Martial Arts Academy


Barry Givens 

31 January 2018

A lot can happen in a year. At the start, I weight 20 stone 6 pounds; I was on blood pressure medication and had to use a CPAP machine for sleep apnoea. Larry gave me a year of encouragement and education, teaching me about the correct way to use weights, proper breathing during exercise, the value of a good cardio workout and how to stay motivated. As a martial arts instructor, Larry is also aware of the value of flexibility and moment and how important they are to good health. He gave me a workout routine tailored to my initial fitness, which was amended throughout the year as I got stronger and developed more stamina. There were regular weigh-ins with praise where it was due and reviews when things weren't going so well.

Larry also taught me a lot about food; I've discovered the fabulous flavours of things U'd never have tried before and now enjoy a wider variety of foods - and all of them healthy. I was amazed by what is actually tasty and healthy at the save time.

Halfway through the year, my doctor took me off my blood pressure pills, as I no longer needed them; later on, I was reassessed for sleep apnoea and they asked for the machine back, as I no longer needed that either.

Christmas (of which the less said the better) put the plans on hold, but the final weigh-in was still respectable (I went back on the regime in the new year and lost 6 pounds since).

The results after one year's training are amazing; aside from coming off the medication, Larry helped me lose 7 stone and I'm enjoying a more active life. What use to be a workout in now a warm up routine. My meals are both tastier and healthier. I have gone from being a no runner to being able to run 6 miles non-stop. I absolutely hate it though, so I'll probably stick to the exercise bike and lots of walking.

Domo, Semsei

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