NMA Fitness offers a number of services to individuals and groups. These can be tailored to an individual’s specific needs, or as an over system to meet fitness or self-defence requirement in a class environment.  This approach allows us to offer  support to groups, schools, organisation or indeed businesses in East Anglia.

Training courses can be arrange as a long term commitment or as short course of a few weeks to several months.



With an extensive background in multiple martial arts and an ongoing program of training to ensure Continuing Professional Development,  we can offer martial arts as a self defence system, a fitness regime or as a gateway to sport.

Currently, group training is offered  on a Thursday evening at the Dome Leisure Centre in Mildenhall Suffolk. This class is open to both adults and juniors of all grades. Training can be adapted to meet the individual’s needs, whether you are retired (our oldest class student is 66), just starting out, or a family (we have a number of parents who train with their children.)


Personal training really is the ‘what it says on the tin’ approach. These are individual programmes design to meet your specific needs and goals.  They can be short one off sessions or a tailed program over many months; you the client decide what is best to meet your specific objectives whether its weight loss, improved fitness  or sports development.


Returning or indeed starting a healthy living and fitness system as you get older can be intimidating.  Most personal trainers appear to be young and healthy and no matter how hard they try they cannot understand the issues and difficulties that arise as you get older. A bit like trying to understand how to be a parent never having had a child! We can offer a fitness system for the over 50s BY the over 50s.

If you have a specific goal I cannot say it can be achieved easily BUT we will understand the issues and adapt our training as appropriate.


We can offer group training sessions for getting fit, self-defence or martial arts. These can be adapted to the specific requirements of the group. This is ideal for organisation that can spread the cost between its members. For older adults or those who have free time during the day classes can be arrange in the mornings or afternoon.


We can offer assistance to larger companies in providing in-house training session for example over a lunch break or indeed provide advice on desk based exercise routines.

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