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Summer Catch Up

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

I have been a bit remiss in my blog posting lately, so below are a few updates as to what has been happening over summer.


On the 23rd September we attended our second seminar with Simon Oliver 7th Dan, courtesy of Sensie Terry Wittkopp from The Studio Martial Arts and Fitness Centre In Dereham. The earlier seminar was held at the end of May this year.

The opportunity to train with such an experienced martial artist is never to be missed and for me to train with a Master whose understanding of applications at the core of old style martial arts is something I would recommend to anyone who is serious in understanding kata/pattern/forms, irrelevant of the style practised.

I fundamentally believe that the primary function of kata/patterns is as a training aid for applications that 'you' can make work in a real world conflict situation, not an end in itself. This is not to say one cannot enjoy performing or practising them for their own sake; as a form of exercise or to engage with the sport and competition element of the art. However; without understanding the realistic use of the moments within the kata, you are not learning their true purpose and the martial/self defence movements they represent.

There should be no barriers to learning within the martial arts so, particularly for black belts, my recommendation is don't restrict your ideas to your own style or one instructor explore multiple styles, learn from the best and incorporate those ideas that you feel work back into your core art. Despite what we are taught they are not fixed and the student as they say should eventually exceed their master!


Our Tae Kwon Do grading in July was a great success my class worked really hard.

Summer is always a time when class numbers fluctuate dramatically due to summer holidays however it is important to remember that regular training is necessary to progress.

A good result gets everyone excited!!

Our hall at the Dome in Mildenhall is getting quite packed now, if you are attending for the first time, access is now through the main entrance and out the back fire door then turn left and left again.

Our next grading is on 14th October followed by the black belt training session.


Sensie Kevin Shaw

NMAJutsu had its first grading in August and Caine performed really well. We are still developing our syllabus but all should be in place for our 1st Kyu grading in November.

Bushing Kempo

Nothing much to report over the past few months, however I am quite proud to announce that Kevin and I have been invited onto the grading panel for the associations next 1st Kyu grading at the end of November.

Email info@nmafitness.co.uk

or visit our website www.nmafitness.co.uk for other contact details.

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