• Larry

Diet is a 4 letter word!

At this time of year we are inundated with a stream of health and fitness adverts from individuals and companies trying to sell their goods and services (mine will be along shortly!).

The first point to remember is that the vast majority of these businesses are doing it in the first instance for ‘their’ benefit, to make a profit; you the customer are simply the consumer of these products and as such should ensure that you purchase wisely.

Whilst not original, it is true to say, that to think in terms of dieting is a very negative approach when looking to lose weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One should always think of lifestyle changes that can become part of your ongoing daily routine rather than entering into commercial diet plan that can increase your outgoings substantial.

For some people the routine of systems such as Weight Watchers works very well but; for me, the idea of paying MORE to lose weight seems counter intuitive. If I am eating less I would expect to pay less!

With a busy lifestyle it is understandable that a quick fix seems the best option, however the statistics show that although these may lead to short term weight loss they frequently lead to long term weight gains.

So if you are willing to spend a bit of money to improve your food health my recommendation would be to spend it on cookery lessons. Gain an understanding of what makes a healthy meal and how to prepare it. This is more of an investment in your future than signing up to yet another diet plan

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