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Bo Staff Seminar March 10th

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Kevin Sensei and I attended this very interesting and fun seminar on the 10th March in Dartford.

Lead by David Wilson Hanshi and Stuart Rogers Shihan this kata and freestyle Bo techniques course was quite challenging but definitely something we would do again.

Whilst staff work may not seem relevant to modern 'realistic' martial arts, the core principles of angles, attack and defence position can all be applied within an applications lead martial arts system.

Kevin and I have been really impressed with the Bushin Kempo Martial Arts Academy and if you get the opportunity to train with them I would highly recommend you give it a go.

We are hopeful that we might persuade the guys to come to Norfolk to put on a seminar for us which would be open to both coloured belts and black belts.

Watch this space!

#nmafitness #taekwondo #TKDapplications

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