• Larry

Barry – The Final Frontier

Updated: Jan 2, 2018

OK, not so much a 5 year voyage but our final run of the year, and if Barry had his way the last one!

It was been a personal challenge for me to work with someone who is so anti running.

Barry had never run before and starting at the age of 59 this was always going to be difficult. However over the past 3 months we have worked together to increase his distance and we did our final run of 2017 on Saturday 30th December. This was a full 10 kilometre run (that’s 6 miles for us oldies!)

I am very proud of his perseverance and it is an inspiration for all those people out there who believe that this is a challenge too far.

For most of us the challenge isn’t physical (we can always adapt where necessary,) it is overcoming our negative thoughts and believing in ourselves.

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