NMA Fitness Instructor

Most biographies I have seen of other martial arts instructors begin with how they started training as a child having seen various Bruce Lee films.  This was definitely not me.

To be honest at school I hated sports and therefore spent a large part of my teens playing in bands and enjoying being young!

My first brush with fitness started in my early 20s with running (somethings I still enjoy), although soon after I got completely hooked when I started horse riding.  To this day I would say competing in a cross country competition is still the most exciting and dangerous thing I have experienced. 


So I was quite late getting into martial arts infact I started it with my 8 year old daughter in that worried way that many fathers feels about wanting their daughters to be safe in later life.

We trained together in both Tae Kwon-do and Karate until she went off to university. Holly was a great help when I first started NMA Fitness by assisting and running  NMA FitKIDS classes  in Thetford at the sports centre and one of the primary 'after school clubs'.

We both competed  regularly in regional and national completions .

NMA Fitness was formed when I left full time employment in 2010 and could spend the time working toward my gym instructor and personal trainer qualifications.

Although I continue to train in Tae Kwon-do and Karate Jutsu I first and foremost see myself as a martial artist  with an open mind to all styles, as such I aim to train at least several times a year with other martial arts instructors who are experts in their field, whatever their discipline.

Training Session with Iain Abernethy
Training Session in the USA with AMA Instructor Mr. David Meador
Going For a Ride, at one of the many Ishin Ryu seminars
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